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Cap & Cove

Cap & Cove

Shop online at Oakleigh Flooring we have a selection of cap and cove at the very lowest prices.

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There is cove former, capping seal, capping strip, set-in skirting, flexible sit-on skirting with a choice of colour options to suit your flooring project.

Capping seal and cove former PVC accessories are designed for use with resilient floor coverings.

Safety vinyl can often be specified with cove former. This is when sheet flooring is fitted up the wall to form a skirting. A capping strip or capping seal provides a sealed edge and neat finish to the top of the floor covering. This allows easy cleaning and to help prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Cove and capping is regularly used with safety flooring for a sanitary and sterile solution in healthcare environments.

Durable covings with this skirting provide some protection to the lower wall and offers easy cleaning.

Sheet flooring skirting is hygienic and long lasting so this can be an alternative to a skirting made from wood.

In environments where hygiene and easy maintenance are important a durable floor covering with a cap and cove sealed surface may be suitable. Altro Marine 20 and Polysafe Standard 2mm PUR are some safety floorings that may suit a cove and capping installation.

In wet areas safety flooring is installed up the wall using cove and capping for a hygienic finish.

Gradus Basics cove former and capping seal are supplied in 2 metre lengths. They can be cut to size and require a professional safety flooring fitter to install.

The Gradus feather edge trim is used to finish the raw, exposed edge of resilient floorcoverings and provide a safe transition to the sub-floor.

Please Note: Some commercial and safety vinyl are not compatible with Cap & Cove PVC accessories.

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