Polyflor Expona Commercial PUR


Polyflor Expona Commercial PUR

Polyflor Expona Commercial PUR luxury vinyl tiles and planks are suited to commercial and residential interiors.

This premium LVT is an extensive collection of realistic wood, stone, and abstract designs with authentic surface textures.

There are multiple plank and tile sizes including on trend oversized tiles that are popular for large open plan areas. Some planks and tiles have bevelled edges. Some designs feature a pattern and/or colour variation.

The Expona Commercial Wood planks replicate the beauty of timber and there is cool, blond, classic, dark, distressed designs.

The ready to use design floor can be installed as one or alongside the different formats from the same shade for a stunning new flooring layout.
French Vanilla Oak and Saffron Oak has a plank and a parquet. Oiled Oak, Sherwood Oak and Everglade Oak has a plank, a parquet and a versailles. Cottage Oak, Vineyard Oak and Provence Oak has a plank and a prisma. 

The Expona Commercial Stone tiles are designed to replicate the unpredictability of natural mineral and modern materials. There are abstract, fossil stone, cement, concrete, terrazzo, textile cement, slate, industrial designs.

In your home Expona Commercial could look stunning in a lounge, sitting room, bedroom, open plan living and dining spaces. This is an easy to clean floor for a bathroom, shower room, utility room, boot room, cloakroom WC.

The high quality Expona Commercial is suitable for heavy traffic commercial areas.

Free Samples of Polyflor Expona Commercial PUR Luxury Vinyl Tiles are available to order.

The durable Expona Commercial has a 0.55mm wear layer and PUR finish.

Expona Commercial contains up to 40% recycled content.


This is a versatile LVT with herringbone, tramline, brickwork and many floor laying patterns possible. (Plank & Tile size dependent)

Eye catching floors can be achieved with one or more designs. The flexibility of Expona Commercial enables different designs to be installed alongside for a contrasting or complementary flooring. The installation of multiple designs could be a solution to zone different areas or create pathways and walkways in well used spaces.

Expona Commercial is a glue down lvt and is adhered to a suitable and prepared subfloor. Polyflor has a list of Approved Adhesives.

Polyflor Expona Commercial PUR has useful Floorcare and Maintenance Information. Also, Sustainability and Technical details.

For installation guidance please refer to Polyflor Technical.

Inlay Accessories

Polyflor LVT Inlay Accessories are available for Polyflor Expona Commercial PUR Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Grouting strips, feature strips, marquetry strips can be used to create a stylish flooring. Inlay strips can highlight designer floor layouts and room features, create borders and ships decking. The addition of Expona inlay strips can result in a striking or subtle contrast with planks and tiles.

Order Free Samples of Polyflor LVT Inlay Accessories.

Please Note:

Grouting strips, feature strips, marquetry strips with a 2mm gauge are compatible with planks & tiles that do have a bevel edge.

Grouting strips, feature strips, marquetry strips with a 2.5mm gauge are compatible with planks & tiles that do not have a bevel edge.

All products purchased from the range are suitable for normal wear and tear in the recommended environment if they have been fitted correctly and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Full terms and conditions of the guarantee are available on request from Polyflor.

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