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Polyflor Vinyl LOC Underlay | £4.30 m2 + Vat

Polyflor Vinyl LOC Underlay

£51.60 (inc. VAT)

    Polyflor Vinyl LOC Underlay is designed to meet the installation requirements of interlocking vinyl flooring for use in both the home and light commercial interiors.

    The pressure resistant and joint-friendly foam core of Vinyl LOC Underlay provides an even flooring structure that is stable and comfortable to walk on. The innovative anti-slip surface enhances the durability of the chosen floor.


    Protects the floor

    Smoothes minor subfloor imperfections ensuring the floor stays even for a consistent finish.

    Comfort underfoot

    Vinyl LOC Underlay has a foam core for increased walking comfort.

    Improved acoustics and impact sound reduction
    Impact sound reduction level of 19dB - exceeding current building regulations.
    Shock-absorbing flooring structure reducing walking noise in the room by 3dB.
    Ideal for use in apartments and bedrooms reducing the noise that is transmitted to neighbouring rooms.

    Simple to use

    Polyflor Vinyl LOC Underlay is very simple to use, as it is available in the form of fanfold panels with a cutting pattern and a connection system that slots tightly together.
    Supplied in a convenient box for ease of handling.

    Anti slip surface

    Provides a consistant surface optimised for the installation of interlocking vinyl flooring.

    Water absorption

    Vinyl LOC Underlay has low water absorption of less than 1%.
    The foam core does not expand and soak up water preventing the growth of mould and mildew.


    Developed to be installed beneath interlocking vinyl tile flooring.


    Provides improved comfort underfoot
    Smooths out minor subfloor imperfections
    Acoustic benefits including 19dB impact sound reduction
    Anti slip surface
    Low water absorption (less than 1%)

    Technical Details

    Gauge: 1.5mm

    Fold out panel size 8.5 x 1.18m = 10m²

    Ability to level out uneven areas (ISO 868) ~1 mm

    Compression strength (EN826) > 400kPa ≈ 40 t/m²

    Dynamic load (EN 13793) >100.000 cycles

    Coefficient of friction µD (ISO 8295) >0.8

    Impact sound reduction (ISO 10140) up to 19dB

    Water absorption (EN 12087) < 1 %

    Thermal resistance (DIN 4108) ~ 0.043m²K/W

    Special application areas

    Underfloor heating: Polyflor Vinyl Loc Underlay
    is suitable for use with underfloor heating. The low
    thermal resistance allows efficient transmission of heat.

    Heavy load: The high compression strength and
    unique surface of Vinyl Loc Underlay allows the
    supported floor to absorb an increased load. We do
    however always recommend taking precautions to
    protect flooring by using furniture pads and cups to
    avoid creating scuffs, scratches and indentations.

    Please always read the manufacturers technical specification before using this product.


    Brand : Polyflor

    Condition : New

    Product Code : Vinyl LOC Underlay


    We can offer a delivery service to most areas in mainland England, Wales & Scotland*

    *To view all the postcode areas in alphabetical order that we cannot deliver to or that require a call, text, or e mail before placing your order please Click Here

    Please ensure you have read the delivery terms below and our full terms and conditions.

    We are an extremely customer focused company and are constantly checking everything but we have to be honest and say the suppliers and transport company are finding it difficult to keep up with demand and some mistakes are being made.

    As we must work to a new set of guidelines with additional terms and conditions from the manufacturers, suppliers, and transport companies it is more important than ever that you read everything prior to ordering.

    Trying to provide the best levels of customer service is extremely important to Oakleigh Flooring and by highlighting and making everything as clear as possible in many areas across the website we are trying to avoid our customers making costly mistakes.

    We are working hard to ensure that our deliveries are as fast and efficient as possible and never want to promise things we cannot guarantee or control but we will always try to find solutions and thank you for your understanding and support.

    10. Delivery charges

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    11. Delivery Terms

    11.1 We can offer a delivery service to most areas in mainland England, Wales & Scotland.

    To view all the postcode areas in alphabetical order that we cannot deliver to or that require a call, text, or e mail before placing your order please Click Here

    Delivery is arranged on a 2-day run between 7am – 6pm (Weekdays Only). Bank Holiday deliveries are not possible.

    Please provide a mobile phone number at checkout.

    You can choose the estimated 1st day of the delivery run currently available prior to checkout but with recent measures in place due to COVID-19 unfortunately you may experience longer delivery times than normal.

    Although most orders are delivered on the 1st day of the delivery run, we cannot guarantee a specific day and some orders will be delivered on the 2nd day of the delivery run.

    Please may we also make you aware that during the pandemic stocks have been depleted, not just for us but for our suppliers as well.

    We will aim to deliver your goods within the 2-day delivery run selected (Weekdays Only). If delivery is delayed beyond this time or stock for any reason is unavailable, we will contact you and either agree a mutually acceptable alternative date or offer you a full refund.

    Refunds usually take between 3-7 days to clear into your account so you might want to check stock prior to ordering. We are currently experiencing high call volumes so the quickest way to check stock might be to Text Us A Question - 07931 758436 or Message Us On WhatsApp - 07931 758436, alternatively you could e mail or call 01908 086302.

    We will confirm by text message if a mobile phone number is provided at checkout and email if the preferred 2 day delivery run is possible. If it is not possible, we will arrange delivery for the next earliest 2 day delivery run, but you can change this by replying to the text or email message.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a time when the flooring will be delivered.

    11.2 The delivery will be made by a 18.5 ton lorry and you will need to ensure that access to your property is available, please call us prior to ordering on 01908 086302, Text Us A Question - 07931 758436, Message Us On WhatsApp - 07931 758436, or e mail if you live where there are any access restrictions, narrow lanes, weight restrictions, height restrictions or if you live in a remote destination.

    11.3 All deliveries are to ground floor only due to insurance guidelines and you must have a suitable area outside the front of your property to deliver the goods. This allows the driver to deliver the flooring from the vehicle whilst maintaining social distance. We recommend that if the goods you have ordered are heavy that 2 people are available to receive the order.

    11.4 Please ensure you are contactable on the days of delivery, although not a guaranteed service the delivery driver has been requested to call your mobile phone number from the cab approximately 15-30 minutes before they commence unloading to check that you are available to receive the goods, you might be required to direct the driver over the phone the safest place they can unload the flooring whilst maintaining social distance.

    11.5 If the delivery driver calls he may not leave a message so if you are unable to answer the call, do not respond to the knock on the door or the doorbell being rung, the driver will unfortunately need to move on. This may incur an extra delivery charge if the goods need to be sent on a different day.

    11.6 Carpet, Commercial Vinyl and Domestic Vinyl can only be delivered where there is a suitable area to deliver the flooring that is outside the property and off the kerbside. The driver will not enter the property and the driver must be able to complete the delivery without having to come into contact with the public or the person receiving the goods. We recommend that if the goods you have ordered are heavy that 2 people are available to receive the order.

    11.7 If the driver believes that the delivery cannot be completed safely you will be required to make your own arrangements to collect from the depot nearest to you. This might not be local so if you want to check or have any questions prior to ordering please call us on 01908 086302, Text Us A Question - 07931 758436, Message Us On WhatsApp - 07931 758436, or e mail

    Please may we remind all customers that unfortunately if this happens you will not be able to cancel your contract if the goods you have ordered are bespoke (i.e. made to order), this includes all carpets, commercial vinyl or domestic vinyl which have been cut from a roll to your required measurements.

    Or if the goods are marked as special order on the website.

    11.8 Social distancing must always be maintained when receiving deliveries.

    11.9 Before any goods are dispatched, we will e mail, phone or send a text message to confirm the 2 day delivery run. Please note that we will not accept liability for late deliveries and because we cannot be held responsible for consequential losses, we do not recommend booking fitters until all goods have been received and checked.

    11.10 All goods leave our warehouse or the supplier’s warehouse without visual damage. Please inform the driver that you want to check the goods before the driver leaves whilst maintaining social distancing at all times.

    We cannot accept claims for damaged or missing goods once the driver has left. Please note if you return an item as damaged which is subsequently found not to be you will be liable for the return delivery charge. Please be aware that you are entitled not to accept goods if clearly damaged.

    11.11 We will deliver the goods to the address you specify for delivery in your order. It is important that this address is accurate. We cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to the goods once they have been delivered in accordance with your delivery instructions (unless this is caused by our negligence). We will aim to deliver the goods by the 2 day delivery run quoted, but delivery times are not guaranteed and therefore time is not of the essence. Oakleigh Flooring Ltd will not accept liability for any direct or indirect losses suffered because of a delay in delivery of the goods. In any event, we will aim to deliver your goods within 3 to 10 working days after the day we received your order. If delivery is delayed beyond this time, we will contact you and either agree a mutually acceptable alternative date, or offer you a full refund.

    11.12 You will become the owner of the goods you have ordered when they have been delivered to you. Once goods have been delivered to you, they will be held at your own risk and we will not be liable for their loss or destruction.


    Collection Locations

    Birmingham - Postcode Area B32
    Bristol - Postcode Area BS4
    Cambridge - Postcode Area CB23
    Cardiff - Postcode Area CF10
    Gateshead - Postcode Area NE11
    Glasgow - Postcode Area G41
    Kent - Postcode Area ME5
    London Bow - Postcode Area E3
    London Camberley - Postcode Area GU15
    Manchester - Postcode Area M30

    *Please Note Milton Keynes Is Not A Collection Location

    Can I collect today?

    Unfortunately not, the stock needs to be transferred to the collection location, estimated 3-7 working days.

    Why is the full address for collection not on the website?

    The full address for collection is not provided as we do not want customers going to the collection location and having wasted journeys, unfortunately the flooring will not be ready for collection until confirmed by Oakleigh Flooring.

    What happens after I have ordered the flooring?

    As soon as your order has been accepted, we will send out a text message to confirm the estimated day it will arrive at the collection location, usually 3-7 working days after your order has been processed.

    How will I know when I can collect the flooring?

    Once your flooring has arrived at the collection location you will receive a text message and email with the full address for collection, please always provide a mobile phone number at checkout.

    When can I collect the flooring?

    Collections are Monday – Friday between 9am – 3.30pm.