Tarkett Texstar Vinyl

This wonderful range of Tarkett Texstar vinyl flooring is available in natural wood and stone designs that include added textile-backing for outstanding acoustic and walking comfort. 

Ideal for home renovations, Tarkett Texstar cushion vinyl flooring is suitable for your bedroom, bathroom, en suite, kitchen, lounge, dining room, study and hallway.

Tarkett Texstar vinyl can sometimes minimise sub-floor preparation and cover very slight imperfections. This however will not remove the unevenness and over time the imperfections may show through the vinyl, if you want the perfect floor 9 times out of 10 you will need to carry out some kind of floor preparation prior to installation.

Key features

Warm and comfortable to the touch
Easy installation for home renovation
Total Thickness: 2.80mm
Wear Layer Thickness: 0.35mm
Width: 2/3/4 Metre
Excellent 19 dB sound reduction

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